Posted: 05 9, 2011 at 12:05 pm | By: Kimberly Fritz

Spring, a time of change and growth

The trees are budding, early spring flowers are blooming. How are you going to bloom? In more direct words: what are you going to do to improve your health and well being this season? Every person is at his or her unique place on the spectrum of health and wellness. Where are you and where do you want to be? If you are unclear about your destination, you won't even be able to make the first step in that direction.
I would love to see all my patients determine their next step beyond their Chinese medical therapy. Would you like to lose weight? Find a new job? Eat better? Learn something new to relieve stress? Train for a 5k? We must make these changes on our own, for our own reasons. We must be accountable to ourselves, competing against only our own current level. However, it's nice to have a little help.
I present a challenge to my patients for this spring/summer. This is the ideal time to utilize the energy of our environment to aid in our quest for growth. So, determine a goal, and bring us all along for the ride.
I will provide updates, and suggestions for all those willing to participate. Set your goal and send me an email, or tell me at your next appointment. I will share how people are doing, and try to address challenges, via my blog. Your true identity will not be revealed. We will give you a 'pen name'. Week by week, there will be rewards for participating. You just never know what they may be! This week, receive a $10 off coupon for an upcoming treatment simply by setting a goal.
I've set the end goal date for August 5th. Why that date you ask? Because I can't ask my patients to set a goal without my participation as well. I have already set my goal to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by little Bree's first birthday which is August 5th.
So come along for the ride!