Posted: 06 21, 2011 at 5:54 pm | By: Kimberly Fritz


Do I even need to prove that exercise is beneficial and necessary to health and wellness? I don't think so. We are all very aware of this fact, and yet most of us have difficulty doing it, or don't do it at all.
I believe a large part of the problem is the way we think about it. Exercise: a planned physical exertion. I'm not sure that sounds all that appealing to most people.
As any one of my regular patients will attest, my motto is 'baby steps'. So instead of thinking in terms of implementing a structured workout schedule, can you MOVE more? If you can start to think in those terms, and follow the thought with action, you might be surprised where it takes you. Just the conversation with yourself of..."I'll do this, and I can be done" often may lead to more action. Thus more movement, thus more exercise.
Exercise doesn't have to be weights and treadmills. Here's a personal example from my crazy mindset of movement. I will often pull a load of clothes out of the dryer and fold them in our family room, which is in the lowest level of the house. Instead of packing all the folded clothes into a basket and escorting them to the top level of the house, where the bedrooms are, I grab a stack of my son's shirts and go up the two flights of stairs and put them away. Then I come back down, and maybe I do something else, maybe I check my email, then I grab another stack of my husbands jeans and then go back up and hang those. And so on and so on. Is it efficient? No, if you think about quickly getting it done. However, I can end up going up and down those stairs a dozen times just for that chore. I
f you think about the fact that one of the reasons we have the health problems we have is because we are sedentary, and we are built for more.....we aren't that far removed from being hunters, gatherers, hunters, laborers. Life is easier physically for us now, not mentally by a long shot, but physically, yet we are moving into being lumps of fat and water.
So, can you get up and mow the lawn when you aren't really feeling like it, but you notice it could be done? Can you park farther from the door of your work building or grocery store? Can you follow your thoughts of interest? Sometimes that is all it takes. I pull in my driveway and I notice a piece of garbage blew into the neighbors lawn, I should go grab that. I walk, I bend. On my way back, awh, look at that, there a monstrous dandelion growing my lawn. Walk, go get the puller, walk, bend, pull.
This is what I mean with one thing can lead to another. And we become energized by this. Why? Because we are moving and our energy that has been stuck from being sedentary is free to move. Once that blocked energy is open to move, it's accessible to us and we feel good and we can do things.
Once we feel good, THAT is when we can even begin to consider taking it further. "Maybe when I get home from work, before I do anything, I'll just take a quick walk around the block. No need to change into workout clothes, maybe just change my shoes and go"
Baby steps