Posted: 07 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm | By: Kimberly Fritz

Smoking Cessation

As I bring someone through my smoking cessation program this week, I am reminded how gratifying this program is for me. Aiding patients in this type of personal quest is something that is important to me having grown up surrounded by smokers, many who have passed on due to cancer and heart disease. Though we can only speculate that the smoking was the cause, at the very least, it certainly didn't help.
The program I currently use, I have found to be extremely successful. The only individuals I have found to not be successful are patients who clearly are not ready to quit, or are quitting for the wrong reasons. I say wrong, meaning it really isn't their reasons, but coming from somewhere else.
This program consists of 3 treatments over a 4 day period (Acupuncture on Day One, Two, and Four). I will not do it any other way as I find this to be the best way to aid the patient to success. It is very affordable, especially compared to pharmaceutical interventions. Day one treatment is $75 plus tx, Day 2 and 4 are $30 plus tx.
Summertime is a difficult time for many people to make lifestyle modifications. So, I am planning to work to promote Smoking Cessation in September. I will even offer group discounts if you'd like to quit with someone else. Normally, medical professionals are unable to modify their service prices due to equal billing standards. Since the smoking cessation program is not a 'billable' service to insurance, I can play with the pricing from time to time.
So, if you had planned to quit smoking this year. Let us start planning now and reach for September to be your quit month.
Please email or call to request a brochure on the program. I strongly encourage all my patients to read my brochure prior to setting the program in motion.