Posted: 07 19, 2010 at 9:15 am | By: Kimberly Fritz

First Blog

Welcome to my first blog! There are many things that I wish to accomplish with this part of my website.
First, I want it to facilitate communication with my patients. For example, with a baby on the way, my patients keep asking if they can look to the website for news on the baby and any time off I will be taking.
Second, I want to use the blog as an easy way to communicate interesting educational tidbits. When I first began my private practice, I tried to put out my newsletter every couple of months. It was extremely time consuming, and I never really knew if anyone was taking the time to read it all. This format can allow my patients, and potential patients, to decide how much reading they really want to do.
So Welcome All! I hope you will check back often. For the week of Aug 19th-24th, there will be limited appointments available on Tuesday, and no appts on Saturday.