Read below to find out what other customers have said about their experience with Green Dragon Acupuncture.

I had suffered the stillbirth of our son in Fall 2013 and was still having trouble achieving pregnancy in summer 2014. Kimberly patiently listened to my problems, and with a combination of acupuncture, diet, and herbs, was able to restore my body to health. I became pregnant after two months of acupuncture. It is now spring 2015 and I am holding my beautiful rainbow baby in my arms. Thank you, Kimberly!

~ Paula Miller

Kimberly is amazing and has made a world of difference in both me and my sisters pain management. I had tried everything that western medicine had to offer and had zero results let alone results that would last for weeks, days or months, but working with Kimberly changed that! "Im a true believer" now!!!

~ Samantha

Kim treated me in June 2011 for an old sports injury that I had re-agrivated. In the morning I was unable to put weight on my ankle and the pain was intense. Sitting down with Kim and discussing the treatment plan I went ahead. After 5 treatments I am able to walk without pain and discomfort. I have read up on Chinese medicine and have experienced the results. I am a believer in the needles! Give it a try.

~ Dave M

I went to Kimberly with an infection in my lungs. She treated me with acupuncture and herbs. It cleared up quickly! She also gave me nutrition advise that I actually understood. Kimberly listens, cares and teaches so you walk away knowing you are well taken care of and understand what you can do to improve your health. The tune-ups are great and I go back with various issues that she always helps to resolve. If you are as confused as I was as to what to do to improve, see Kimberly right away and start on your road to recovery and good health!

~ Lisa Burnside

My first visit to Kim and Green Dragon was the fall of 2008. I was having pain in my elbows (tennis elbow) and knees from weightlifting. This was my first encounter with acupuncture and didn't know what to expect. Kim put me at ease and talked me through the process. After a few treatments my pain was gone in both areas. I've had to visit Kim on occasion for "tune-ups", but she always get me back on track.

~ John Hanselman

It was the day before Thanksgiving and the stress of the impending formal, sit down holiday meal for 16, the household cleaning frenzy, and event set up combined with the fact that the refrigerator died the weekend before and had to be replaced….had my back complaining in the worst possible way. Despite massive doses of Ibuprofen I was in absolute agony and ready to call the holiday gathering off. I knew that a visit to my primary care doctor would probably result in a lecture about reducing stress, careful lifting strategies, and either a prescription for painkillers or advice to “get some rest and call me in a week if you’re not feeling better.” So in a somewhat desperate mode, I called Green Dragon as I had heard that acupuncture could be used to alleviate pain (among other applications). Kimberly was able to get me in right away, did a quick assessment, and performed an acupuncture treatment. I don’t think the whole visit lasted more than 30 or 45 minutes (which is about how much time I usually spend sitting in a doctor’s waiting room). She warned that one treatment might not resolve my pain completely and even gave me a contact number I could use to get a hold of her the next morning (Thanksgiving!!!) if I was still in pain. Within an hour of leaving her office my pain started to subside and my mobility increased. By the time I went to bed I was close to normal functioning. Thanksgiving morning I was able to get out of bed without any back pain or stiffness. I haven’t required any repeat treatments nor experienced that level of back pain; but if the need arose I would go see Kimberly at Green Dragon.

~ Craig Caldwell

Read below to find out what other customers have said about their experience with Green Dragon Acupuncture.