Jun 12, 2024

Acupuncture/Chinese medicine for weight management

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Posted by: kimberly

We are frequently asked about weight loss and acupuncture. This is complicated, and yet uncomplicated when we get to the nitty-gritty of it. We prefer the concept of weight management. Weight loss and 'dieting' are concepts that seem to have a beginning and an end game concept.  I'm going to do a thing, to achieve a goal and once I get to that goal I have achieved! Yet it is not a real change.  It is not a personal growth strategy. 

Most individuals with excess weight have a weakened digestive system. The body consumes food and beverages and tries to convert them into usable resources, and it does, to a certain extent. You're still alive! The essential functions are fueled, but with a weakened digestive system food and beverages are not completely transformed into good quality fuel, and thus we end up with a lot of material which I call junk.  This junk looks like, fat, cholesterol, acne, vaginal discharge, sinus and lung phlegm, a sense of heaviness, foggy thinking, cysts and tumors.  Therefore, we first need to strengthen the digestive system which we can do with some acupuncture, herbal medicine, exercise and dietary counseling. 

Acupuncture speaks to the central nervous system/brain to attempt to strengthen the digestive system (metabolism). Herbal medicine can also do this as well as aid in getting rid of the junk. Exercise is integral, but many patients aren't exercising due to some sort of pain or injury-so let's fix that so you can move! Dietary counseling is learning about the various energies of foods.  These concepts are often very different from the western nutritional approach, but are very common sense and easy to implement.

So ultimately, strengthen the digestive system, get rid of the junk and alter some behaviors.

These things do not happen overnight.  A person doesn't wake up one morning 30lbs over weight. Therefore the expectation to lose 30lbs in a short period of time is unrealistic.  Consistency in exercise, food choices and strengthening the digestive system are the key to successful weight management.